Wedding Day Timings to Keep the Sparkle on the Big Day

Wedding Day Timings to Keep the Sparkle on the Big Day

Wedding Day Timings to Keep the Sparkle on the Big Day

Silver Service Singers’ Dan Bartell provides some top tips for organising a wedding. After providing entertainment for over 5000 weddings, he also shares some unique experiences that have happened at some of the weddings he has attended which may inspire and horrify in equal measure.

Follow our Wedding Planning Tips to make sure you stick to your wedding day schedule !

Plan Early

Unless you are planning a shotgun wedding, plan early. There are so many little details that crop up and so many things that can change that I suggest thinking about the finer detail at least a year in advance.

Have Fun With It

There is a lot of planning to do, but my advice is to chip away at it and have fun making decisions and organising your wedding. Make a celebration out of any major decision, so if you are having a dress fitting, go for lunch and drinks afterwards. Don’t get stressed as it will ruin the journey.

Ask Questions

What type of wedding do you want? Ask the venue what they have done in the past, or what they are happy to do for your big day. The more questions you ask, the easier to make decision on things like entertainment and how the day will unfold.

Don’t forget the Groom

The bride can be the focus of attention in the build-up to the wedding and of course on the actual day. But don’t forget the groom and the males in the wedding party, ensure as much thought goes into what they are wearing as well as what the bride is wearing – think of the photos!

Wedding Breakfast

Don’t get caught up in other guest’s dietary requirements. Pick a menu that you love and will enjoy on the day.

Have your cake and ensure you eat it

Over the years I have witnessed a few cakes collapsing! Really! So, ensure that doesn’t happen to you and make sure your cake supplier sets up the cake. Try not to move the cake once it is in position.


It is easy to be consumed by your wedding day, but relax. It may be an idea to have a mini break and take a night away in a hotel as your big day arrives. It’s good to get away from it all and re-set ready for the big day.

Bring your slippers!

After being on their feet all day in heels, the bride may wish to add a little comfort for the evening. I’ve seen many a bride swap their high heels for a pair of slippers once the disco starts. Agony of heels or the comfort of slippers? As the night draws on, you’ll be happy you brought a pair.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained?

With over 5000 Weddings performed at, we have experienced some very unforgettable weddings and some that with the greatest respect we definitely saved from being a very forgettable day, harsh but very true! The reality is that the memorable events that even blow us away always have one thing in common, ENTERTAINMENT is the top priority in their plans, I want to tell you ways that you can make sure your guests are talking about your day for days, weeks, months and years afterwards because no matter how much you spend on your wedding, you do not want people to be bored and forget it.

Our Top 5 Memorable Wedding Day Experiences

  1. Penguins being ring bearers, genuinely happened, what a way to start the wedding.
  2. No expenses spared Funfair themed wedding, they spent £20k on everything from bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, coconut shy, candy floss and all the decorations to match, a very magical and unique day.
  3. May the 4th be with you like you have never seen, even the wedding cake was Star Wars themed, it was like a movie set that even George Lucas would have been blown away by.
  4. A couple that really took their entertainment to the next level, they were trying to decide between a full sized Formula 1 Race simulator experience, a bucking broncho, a casino table and of course Silver Service Singers, it proved too difficult to decide which one to book…….so they booked everything, I can guarantee they have no idea how much it all cost but still remember how much fun it all was (Yes we did have a go on the bucking broncho mid ceremony but don’t tell them!)
  5. The first time I seen a conga line being taken out of the fire exit of the wedding breakfast room right around the garden which was overlooking the bay in West Kilbride, it was so long it was a full daisy chain of people interacting with each other, creating a memory that no one there will ever forget, including us and the photos were stunning!

Enjoy Your Wedding Day Planning

If you focus purely on the beauty and how everything will look on the day you can forget it is a celebration and the fun element can get lost, that is why some of those stats from the research are quite shocking, when the priority is on entertainment you are guaranteed fun for everyone and what can be more beautiful than looking around on your special day and seeing everyone you care about having the time of their life?

Try to have fun planning your day, the stress really can ruin the experience and if something is getting too much just remember what you are doing, getting married and as they say it is the best day of your life so enjoy the planning and do not forget your entertainment will set the tone of the day so make sure you have something memorable, fun and unique!

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