Are Singing Waiters Worth It?

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  • 30th May 2024

Are singing waiters worth it? Its a question if you are sitting on the fence, in this blog we will go through why singing waiters are worth having at your event, read on to find out more…

Singing waiters are a lovely way to bring a little surprise and entertainment to any gathering. With their mesmerising performances and gorgeous vocals, these gifted artists fit in well with the dining experience, delighting visitors

Singing waiters

Are Singing Waiters Worth It?

For many people who are on the fence about singing waiters, this is a topic that is frequently asked. Without a doubt, the answer is yes! Any event is infused with enthusiasm by singing waiters, who elevate an ordinary dinner into a memorable occasion. When the waitstaff sings, the visitors’ expressions of delight and awe are wonderful moments that leave a lasting impression.

Having singing waiters at your event turns it into an ordinary event into an extraordinary event! With our singing waiters, we can promise that we will transform the energy in the room by making it fun, memorable and unique.


What Songs Do Singing Waiters Sing?

The variety of songs sung is one of their endearing qualities. From modern songs to sing-alongs, we will put together a mix that suits a wide range of musical preferences. They have a talent for establishing the ideal musical mood, whether it’s a sing-along performance or a lively pop hit that has everyone dancing.

We have a set list on our website that you can see here. It includes a short list of a few of our favourite songs! You can even listen to one of our talented singing waiters sing the songs.


Adding Surprise Singers To Your Event

Any event is enhanced with a magical touch by surprise singers, making it an unforgettable occasion. Their ability to switch between being waiters and performers with ease keeps visitors happy and involved. For those looking to add a special touch to their events, singing waiters are the ideal option due to their extensive song repertoire and flawless performance skills.

Silver Service Singers is the UK’s highest-rated singing waiter company, if you’re thinking about incorporating some musical magic we are your go-to singing waiters with 8 years in the industry we are here to make your event unforgettable.

So, keep in mind the appeal of Silver Service Singers the next time you’re organising an occasion that needs that additional dash of glamour. Allow their songs to inspire, their performances to captivate, and their abilities to make a lasting impression on your visitors

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