Silver Service Singers performed at the British Museum

We Surprised Them First Justin… You Better Belieb it!

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  • 10th July 2024

Just a few months ago, we were approached about the possibility of providing our amazing undercover Silver Service Singers to surprise the wedding party and guests at an evening pre-wedding celebration inside The British Museum, Central London.

And we did!

Our Surprise Singing Waiters Brief was Set…

To wow over 400 guests during the drinks reception inside the Great Court and Egyptian Rooms (no pressure then!).

Our client support and planning team liaised closely with the event organisers in the lead up to the big night, which at the point of booking was only a couple of weeks away.

Here at Silver Service Singers our attention to every client’s details is paramount so that we can ensure their big surprise is timed to absolute perfection.

Our client had requested for 4 of our super talented singing waiters to attend to make a big impact when it was time for our big reveal.

Dressed in their finest (as always) waiter, waitress and tech staff disguises, and with their vocal cords warmed up and ready to go, our team’s covert operation inside the truly awe-inspiring British Museum began.

A Night at the Museum: The Scene…

Silver Service Singers perform at The British Museum, London

It’s our singing waiters mission to blend as seamlessly as possible into every atmosphere, so as the unsuspecting guests arrived, our highly professional team mingled naturally, serving drinks and tending to their guests needs. No-one would have guessed a thing.

The atmosphere inside the magical British Museum was alive with chatter and excitement and the whole evening was going as planned. Just so smooth without any glitches at all… until…

A BIG Commotion ensues…

And we’re off! Gasps, shocked faces… SURPRISE! Smiles, laughter and a lot of SINGING got this pre-wedding party started!

As we know the hits that get everyone in the mood, our team of trained professionals belted out a list of classics, from ‘Let Me Entertain You’ to ‘Proud Mary’ and ‘A Little Respect’ which hooked the guests in and set the scene for those memorable, unique and fun moments they will never forget.

Check out our Setlists and see how we create our clients musical journey.

Of Course We Can’t Reveal…

Who our clients were, but we’re certain that we beat Mr Bieber to it and we definitely surprised them first! And now with details of their most recent guest performers revealed, speculation mounts around which global superstars will be performing at the couple’s wedding in India this weekend. Adele? We’ll keep our ear to the ground on that one, while we wish the happy couple the best ever wedding celebrations from all of us at Silver Service Singers.