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How Much Do Singing Waiters Cost?

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  • 12th December 2022

What Are Singing Waiters?

Are you planning a wedding, party, or corporate event and want to surprise your guests? There’s nowhere else to look! Check out this informative blog post from Silver Service Singers to learn all you need to know about singing waiters!

singing waiters

Singing waiters seem like regular waitstaff at a party—waiting tables, taking orders, pouring drinks, etc.—until they get the need to please your guests by breaking into song! 

Once you and your guests become used to one waiter (or waitress) singing, another one abruptly joins in as well, followed shortly after by the one you weren’t sure who invited. 

The people who sing to you—the wait staff and guests—are professional singing professionals in disguise, coming to sing and surprise you with a bit of humour thrown in.

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What To Expect

You can expect an array of your favourite songs performed to top-notch background tracks once your singing waiter act emerges and begins to sing. The singers will use portable or wireless head mics so they can move among your guests. Your singing waiters will typically sing for one set, lasting around half an hour.

Singing Waiters Corporate

The cost of hiring singing waiters for your event will depend on several things, so it’s crucial to know what to budget for. The location of your event, the day you choose, and the quantity of singing waiters you need are just a few of the variables that affect the price.

Although some businesses could charge less than others, it is crucial to put your visitors’ experiences and the overall impression of your event first. Numerous singing waiter businesses recognise the importance of this and may provide financing alternatives, such as 0% interest, to increase accessibility without sacrificing the quality of their services. Therefore, even if costs may vary, spending money on top-notch entertainment can improve the mood of your event without going over budget.

singing waiters

Since the singing waiters performance has become a well-known and beloved feature for corporate events, weddings, and parties, “surprise singers” companies charge varying amounts based on their skill level. Reputable companies like Silver Service Singers guarantee that you’ll have gifted vocalists—not just your typical karaoke performer!

The talent of our singing waiters is unmatched. They have appeared in several west end musicals, Disney, some of the best cruise ships in the world, Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, and even in front of the US president!

Silver Service Singers has the charisma and stage presence to add excitement to any event, make enduring memories, and leave both you and your guests in awe of their experience. Contact us today to book your singing waiters