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12 Ideas for How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

When it comes to the big day, there are two ways you’ll be… either pulling your hair out fixing anything that’s gone wrong, hoping everything goes off without a hitch. Or, you’ll be relaxed in the knowledge that your wedding guests will enjoy every aspect of it. 

The latter sounds better, right? 

We’re here to give you all the ideas you need to keep your wedding guests entertained, so the cool, calm and collected side of you can embrace the day. If you’re looking for interesting ways to keep your wedding guests entertained all day long, you won’t find any lulls in this list of 12 ideas (with added tips). Let’s dive in!

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Tips for Keeping your Guests Entertained

Before we get stuck in, we’ve got some top tips to prepare you for the big day. When merging two families together, that’s a lot of personalities to cater to. From the fussy mother of the bride to the cheeky best man, to the sweeter flower girls. 

Our silver service singers know these personalities to a tee. That’s why we spend some time getting to know your wedding party before the big reveal. We know the busybody aunty, the funny uncle, the sobber and the bored five-year-old. Before we get stuck into how to entertain these types, we’ve got some tips for merging your families. 

The first is not to assign sides at the ceremony. A once strict tradition is now dust in the wind because this is one of the best ways of making your wedding party feel like one big family. “Pick a seat and not a side” is a great way to bring both families together. 


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Ask your DJ to play music for all ages. That way you’ll find grandparents two-stepping, five-year-olds spinning circles and your besties twerking. Family-friendly, a mix of genres, golden oldies, karaoke classics and current bangers is the safest bet to keep your guests on the dance floor. 

And lastly, create a lounge area. Having a breakout space that isn’t right next to the dance floor or outside gives space to those who enjoy the quieter side of things. It gives grandparents a chance to get to know each other and children an area for nap time. Call it your little home away from home! 

Make Sure You’ve Planned Your Day

Right, now you’re geared up with some mixing ideas. The most important way to make your wedding day go off without a hitch is to have it all planned out. And even better, having a day-of planner. This means you don’t have to lift a finger!

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From your guests’ arrival photographs to the ceremony starting call, to the speeches and beyond. Having a day-of organiser takes the pressure off the bride, groom and both parents. They’re there to make your wedding day as smooth as possible and ensure your creative ideas for keeping wedding guests entertained get used to their full potential!

How to Entertain Guests Between Ceremony and Reception

Just before we drop our top 12 fun wedding activities to keep your guests entertained, we’re here with some smashing surprises you can add to that lulling moment between the ceremony and reception.

If you’re moving between venues for this part you’re going to want to jazz up your transport. Old-style buses are great for this, and the best part is you can leave party games and gifts on the seats to keep your guests laughing and chatting throughout the journey. 

This in-between time is also a great time to start a cocktail happy hour, take photobooth snaps or get your portrait blown out of proportion by a caricaturist. Slip in some nice surprises during this transitional time to keep your wedding guests entertained.

12 Fun Wedding Activities to Keep Guests Entertained

Here it is. We’ve pooled together our top 12 wedding activities that will keep your guests entertained all day through. From arrival to the ceremony to a drunken departure. We’ve got activities for all so that no one is left out!

1. Theme your day!

One of the biggest and best ways to keep the entertainment flowing is by adding a theme to your wedding. Whether there’s a dress code, thematic seating plan or tied-in games, you can make your wedding a fantasy of your favourite game or film!

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2. Offer a mystery tour 

For those lulling moments between arrival and the ceremony, or photographs and reception, keep your wedding guests inspired with a mystery of tour. Dot around photographs and motifs of your relationship and future together. Include postcards and waymarkers or hints of where your honeymoon will be.

3. Add some competition

An out-of-the-box wedding idea to keep your wedding guests entertained is a good old sports day. Bring out your inner child with sack races, or egg-and-spoon relays to keep guests belly-laughing and children engaged.

4. Wow your wedding guests

Looking for an alternative to a multi-course meal or a boring buffet? Why not hire tableside chefs to simmer your guest’s dishes? Sear their meat and share some unforgettable memories with personalised experiences.

5. Get everyone involved

You know the awkward moment, the wedding breakfast is over, the first dance is ready… but no one else gets up! A fun way to get everyone up on the dance floor is with a sneaky surprise. 

Our silver service singers are experts at creating a vibe that everyone will want to join in with. From romantic, swaying songs to jump-out-of-your-seat bangers. It’s all in our catalogue and we tailor our secret moments to you. Just take a look!

6. Keep the entertainment flowing

The party doesn’t have to stop at the edge of the dancefloor, bring your wedding experience to life with a roaming band. They can weave throughout your wedding guests and interact with little ones, move the music outside or keep the dancing going on the dancefloor. 

7. Everyone loves a quiz

When the wine is flowing, the speeches are over and the desert is on its way, it’s a fun idea to see how much your guests really know the happy couple! Create a tailored quiz about your relationship together as a hilarious way to get both sides involved and laughing for hours. 

8. Dance the night away

One of the best ways to get everyone up is to host a dance-off! This can be a great way of getting boring granddads up and smiling, kids entertained (for at least an hour) and hard-to-impress teens showing off their shapes. 

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9. Get stuck in

A lovely way to get guests involved is by hiring an interactive food stall for the evening. That way your friends and family can fuel up and have fun in the process. From building your own tacos to smores over an open fire, to crepes your own way!

10. Pimp your prosecco! 

They might make us forget, but the drinks on offer at your wedding at definitely going to be talked about. One unique way to keep your guests entertained is by offering a make-your-own cocktail bar with a personal bartender to guide your guests in their fave cocktail classics!

11. Go out with a bang

Swap out your confetti for sparklers, dazzle your guests with firebreathers and show off your union in a sparkling surprise with a fireworks display. Each of these elemental moments will make your wedding unforgettable.

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12. Make the most of it!

If your wedding is miles from home, you might want to make the most of the weekend. Offering your guests complimentary spa treatments, or tennis court tournaments can be great ways to keep your guests entertained all weekend.

Our Favourite Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

We know that weddings can get hectic and planning it perfectly is the only way to stay calm on a special day. That’s why we compile all of our helpful tips, from the top five party songs to ways of saving money in the planning process. 

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Our silver service singers know how important entertainment at your wedding is and if you’re looking for ways to make an unforgettable experience, check out our 50 quirky wedding ideas to make your wedding day unique to you!