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Singing Waiters West Midlands

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Best Singing Waiters in West Midlands

If you’re hosting a wedding reception or other special event in the West Midlands area, you’ll want to hire some live entertainment for the occasion. While many people are happy to settle with a venue’s in-house DJ or a local music act, many prefer something a little different.

At Silver Service Singers we provide our West Midlands customers with a memorable night of entertainment from talented and experienced performers. Our surprise singing waiters combine amazing songs and comic timing with a dash of musical theatre to deliver your unsuspected guests an event they will never forget.

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Hire West Midlands Singing Waiters

Surprise singing waiters are a great way to catch your guests off guard. For the first part of your event, they take the role of front-of-house staff, waiting tables and serving drinks. At a pre-arranged moment, they will drop the charade and break into song, delivering an amazing live performance in front of your unsuspecting guests.

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Singing Waiters in Disguise in West Midlands

The reason our fabulous singing waiters get such a great reaction from all our guests is because of their commitment to the role. They don’t just roll up moments ahead of the first arrivals. They are as experienced in table service as they are in singing, arriving at your venue well in advance to introduce themselves to the regular waiters and waitresses. They play their role to perfection, being utterly professional as they serve food and drink to your friends and family.

Of course, what your guests don’t know is that our surprise singers are working out who among them will be up for some audience participation later in the evening and who would rather be left well alone. This is all part of the act and, once the time to begin arrives, the party can really start with a swing.

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Hand-tailored Surprise Singer Services

We don’t just want you to be satisfied with your surprise singing waiters – we want you to be over the moon with them. We want you to be already planning to hire us again for your next event. This is why we are happy to tailor our set list to match your own tastes and preferences. We perform a extensive range of well-known songs from across the musical spectrum. Whether you want pop, rock, soul, or swing, we can put together a set that works for you. If there’s song that holds special significance for you, let us know and we will do our best to include it.

As well as the song list, we also tailor our act to the event. Since our singing waiters are there in addition to the venue’s regular waiting staff, we can start our performance whenever you want us to. This could be after the meal, while we’re clearing away plates and glasses, or earlier on before your guests have even touched their desserts.

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Parties, Wedding Entertainment, and Corporate Events

Whether it’s a wedding reception, a charity event, or a private party, we guarantee a memorable night for your guests. Our surprise singing waiters have played at birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, retirement functions, corporate events, and more. We deliver excellent entertainment to the delight of your guests, ensuring that your special day is a memorable one for all involved.

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A Singing Surprise for Your Guests

We know that you have a choice when it comes to hiring acts for a corporate event or private functions in the West Midlands area. There are all kinds of entertainers on the market, from former West End performers and Rat Pack tribute bands to jazz combos and opera singers, if that’s your kind of thing. So why choose secret singing waiters for your event?

There are several reasons, but the main one is the element of surprise. Having the waiters that have served you all evening turn out to be unexpected singers is something that sticks in the mind. In ensures a fantastic memory of a fun night for years to come.

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Best Singing Waiters in West Midlands

Of course, Silver Service Singers aren’t the only singing waiter troupe in the West Midlands. If you search online for similar acts you will find local groups like The Supreme Surprise Singers. There are also several entertainment agencies like Alive Network and Garston Entertainment that book surprise singing waiters for events across the region.

We are happy to tell you this, since we believe all our customers should take the time to check out our competition prior to booking us. We remain confident that no other singing waiter group in the West Midlands offers the same high standard of services as we do. Take a look for yourself and then give us a call to get the ball rolling.

Multi Award Winning Singing Waiters in West Midlands

When you hire Silver Service Singers for your event in the West Midlands area, you’re getting one of the best music groups in the business. We have received multiple awards – at both a national and regional level – from the wedding entertainment industry. Our mix of music and theatricality has helped us cement our reputation as a crowd-pleasing live act for weddings and corporate events alike.

As well as our industry awards, we have also received thousands of positive reviews from our previous clients. We have been singing, dancing, and performing for customers across the UK for a long time now and these independent testimonials show the impression we have made on them. We invite all our prospective clients to read a few of them before getting in touch to see what they can expect from us.

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Your Local Singing Waiters

The Silver Service Singers office is in Southport, Merseyside, but we are frequent visitors to the West Midlands. It’s one of our favourite regions to place, as the audiences tend to be fantastic and we know everybody is there to have fun. We have attended plenty of events in the county and will be only too pleased to add your special occasion to the list.

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What Does a Singing Waiter Performance Involve?

Our surprise singing waiters are there to provide a fun, entertaining experience for you and your guests, whatever it takes. Whether that’s through their singing skills, their physical comedy, or their crowd interactions, we bring a sense of occasion to any event.

Our waiters know how to create a fantastic atmosphere at private functions and corporate events alike. They move seamlessly from waiting tables to belting out one classic song after another. Once your guests are settled down with their food and drink, our surprise singers will get the party started, bursting into song to deliver an incredible set of live music.

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Singing Waiters in Liverpool FAQs

Why choose our singing waiters in West Midlands?

There is any number of reasons to choose Silver Service Singers for your West Midlands event. As multiple award-winning singing waiters, we guarantee a fantastic evening’s entertainment and a first-class performance from our singers. We have a reputation for excellence, due in large part to the thousands of positive reviews received from our former clients. We have performed at weddings and events across the county and can be relied upon to deliver an incredible set in style.

Where can I hire singing waiters in West Midlands?

Wherever you’re holding a party or event in the West Midlands, Silver Service Singers will be happy to provide surprise entertainment for all the guests. We have performed in venues across the county, delivering our own brand of live musical theatre. This includes weddings, private parties, and corporate events in Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Wolverhampton, and beyond.

How much are singing waiters in West Midlands?

We don’t have a set price list for our surprise singing waiters. Every wedding, party, or other event we play receives its own bespoke quote for our services. This is based on several things, such as the event date, number of guests, how long you want our waiters to sing, and so on. If you want to find out more information about how much our singing waiters cost, check out our page.

What songs can the singing waiters perform in West Midlands?

Our surprise singing waiters can sing anything you want (within reason – a death metal medley might be asking too much!). From rock standards and pop classics to the very best in soul music and swing, they can put together an exciting set of songs that will be fun for all your guests.

How do I book singing waiters in West Midlands?

You can start the booking process by visiting our booking page and providing us with a few details about your event. A member of the team will call you to discuss your requirements and the songs you’d like us to sing on the night, as well as giving you a bespoke quote for our performance. If you’re satisfied with the figure provided we will book your event date into our calendar and begin preparing the night’s entertainment.

If your question isn’t answered here, don’t worry. Call Silver Service Singers today and will will help you with your query.