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Singing Waiters in Leeds

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Best Singing Waiters in Leeds

The last thing you want your event to be is forgettable. So many parties and weddings follow the same tired schedule they can often feel like Groundhog Day. Why not surprise your guests with secret singing waiters in Leeds? Make your event stand out from the crowd and be one to remember by hiring singing waiters to bring a smile to your guests’ faces and get them on their feet dancing.

Our sensational singing waiters are available across the UK. We deliver the ultimate singing waiter experience all across Leeds and the surrounding areas including Bingley, Shipley, Harrogate, Horsforth, Ilkey and Otley. Whatever the venue or event, get in touch with us for your free bespoke quote to secure your date today.

How do our Singing Waiters Work?

It all starts with an undercover operation. Our secret singers will arrive at your venue and blend in amongst the staff, perhaps giving out canapés or serving food. This gives us a chance to get to know you and your guests, building rapport and picking out the biggest personalities in the crowd. Then – after a couple of hours of vital research – when the time is right, we start our performance.

Our surprise singing waiters will burst into song when you least expect it, dazzling your guests with an exciting and interactive set. We guarantee everyone will be up on their feet, singing and dancing along to the music. As the highest-rated singing waiters in the country, we will ensure your event – whether it be a wedding, party or corporate do – is one that people will never forget.

What is included in the service?

All of the following is included in your package: time spent ‘acting’ as professional waiters, party-starting interactive show, 8-song customisable setlist, PA equipment and sound checks, travel to your venue and Public Liability Insurance

We also offer additional services alongside the singing waiters themselves, which accrue extra costs. These include DJ entertainment, lights or decorations. No need for faffing about, our singing waiters will provide the entertainment for your whole evening!

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Why choose us?

Our handpicked performers live up and down the country, so not only are you making it a day to remember, but you’re also keeping it local! So if you’re celebrating in The Venue, got a party going at Weetwood Hall Estate or tying the knot at Left Bank Leeds, you’ll be sure to find someone near. Secret singing waiters are the ultimate surprise for any party of guests. 

Get your team on the dancefloor or boogie with your aunty at the head of a conga line. No other entertainment package is like it. Our secret silver service singers are the perfect way to get any party started and have a guaranteed good time.

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Tailored Singing Waiters in Leeds

Our singing waiters are expert performers, able to captivate audiences of all tastes with their undeniably infectious enthusiasm, enthralling showmanship and incredible voices. Confident across a range of genres and styles, our singing waiters are able to cater their performance to whatever music and atmosphere are right for your event.

We’ll talk about your musical preferences, create a game plan that fits in with your schedule and venue, and get to know your guests so that we can play off the big personalities in the room.

Guests that have never met before will be dancing around the room together, your straight-laced boss will be starting a conga line, and your friends will be singing along to ‘Mr Brightside’ with such passion that you’ll be able to see the veins in their neck!

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How much do you cost?

You may want only one singer, to sweep up a fallen bubbly bucket, or a full four-man crew to lead a conga line throughout your party. Every moment matters. And every moment is tailored to you. 

Since all of our experiences are handmade and tailored to your choices, it’s hard to put a definite number on such an ever-changing performance. For more specific pricing and an in-depth breakdown of what to expect for your money, head to our how much do singing waiters cost page.

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What events do you perform at?

Whether you are engaged to be married, helping to plan a wedding for a loved one or just looking to contribute to the wedding with the gift that keeps on giving, the Silver Service Singers can help make any wedding day one to remember.

And we’re not just for weddings either. Maybe you’re hosting a corporate event for your staff, clients or stakeholders. Perhaps you are organising a networking event for like-minded individuals or organising a charity fundraiser to support a good cause.

Whether you are entertaining a large audience at a convention or conference, or are hosting a smaller event for your direct employees, we have an entertainment act that will break the ice and win everyone over!

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Local Singing Waiters in Leeds

Looking for surprise entertainment in Leeds, look no further than our secret Silver Service Singers! The ultimate choice for any party, tip your glass to a room-swaying anthem or twist and shout to sixties classics. 

Our secret singing waiters are well-versed in the Leeds area, including Bradford, Wakefield and Castleford. Performing at venues such as The Tithe Barn and Aspire. No party is too big, or too small. We can get the crowd warmed up and on their feet in no time. Find out how our singing waiters work their magic!

Find singing waiters in leed for your next event st Aspire:

Book Our Singing Waiters Today

Get a free quote and see if your date is available, before booking your singing waiter experience.

Book Our Singing Waiters Today

Get a free quote and see if your date is available, before booking your singing waiter experience.

Singing Waiters in Leeds FAQs

Where can I hire singing waiters in Leeds?

You can hire singing waiters anywhere in Leeds as our services are available at locations across the whole of the UK. So if your wedding is in Holbeck, Harehills, or Knowsthorpe we’d love to put on an unforgettable show for you.

How much are singing waiters in Leeds?

The cost of hiring singing waiters in Leeds depends on a few variables. We’ll need to know the date and location of the event, the number of singing waiters you would like and how long you’d like the performance to last.

These factors can vary wildly from one event to another, which is why the quote you receive will be exactly tailored to your needs, in order to give you the best possible value. If you want to find out more information about how much our singing waiters cost, check out our page.

What songs can the singing waiters perform in Leeds?

Expertly skilled across a vast array of genres, our talented singers are comfortable performing in a range of styles. So, whatever your musical tastes, we can cater to your needs and help you create a playlist that’s perfect for your event.

Here are just a few song ideas for you to take a look at, to spark some inspiration for your bespoke playlist: My Girl, You to Me Are Everything, Don’t Stop Me Now, Sex On Fire, Brown Eyed Girl, Uptown Funk and Feeling Good.

For more setlist ideas specifically for wedding parties, check out our ultimate guide to wedding party songs.

How do I book singing waiters in Leeds?

Book our singing waiters in Leeds by getting in touch! Book a call with us today, let us know how many guests you’re expecting, what kind of music you like and where your venue is. We’ll then calculate a bespoke quote for you based on your needs and then you can decide if you’d like to book us.

Once you’re booked in, we can get on with the task of planning the surprise. We’ll confirm the playlist of songs that you’d like, as well as all the logistics of sorting out the PA system and how our singing waiters will go undercover. Then you can sit back and relax, knowing that your event is in safe hands.

How long does the performance last?

Your performance is tailored to you! So whatever your party needs, we’ll build a setlist to suit your entertainment requirements. Whether it’s a short and snappy way to get people up on the dance floor or a room-swaying moment, we’ll make a performance just for your party. However, we do say that an 8-song setlist is a perfect medium!

Am I insured with the performance?

The last thing we want is any mistakes, slips or trips (not the secret acted-out ones!) so we have Public Liability Insurance included in every performance.

When do I have to pay?

We understand that weddings and special occasions can hit the pocket hard. That’s why we offer a security deposit upon booking, payment options and then the final payment 30 days before the secret silver service!

Do you offer additional services, as well as singing waiters?

We also offer additional services alongside the singing waiters themselves, which accrue extra costs. These include DJ entertainment, lights or decorations. No need for faffing about, our singing waiters will provide the entertainment for your whole evening!