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50 Quirky Ideas for a Unique Wedding

Our Silver Service Singers know how much it means to have a unique wedding day, filled with laughter, fun and surprises. From the wedding cake to the bridal party, your wedding theme or even your very own wedding hashtag, there are so many unique wedding ideas to create a truly tailored event.  

Because when it comes to the special day, it’s time to celebrate everything about the happy couple. Even the little details count when it comes to wedding planning. So, if you’re looking for fun ways to share happy, candid and heartfelt moments with your guests, check out these unique wedding ideas. 

singing waiter getting the crowd going

Make your wedding day unique to you

Some go big, others much simpler, but no matter the size of your wedding party, it’s important to make it personal to you! 

From the smaller touches such as wedding favours, to tailored seating arrangements for the wedding ceremony, to personalised entertainment, there are so many ways to make your wedding day unique to your relationship. 

Maybe you’re both pet parents and want to make the day pet friendly, or looking for something glamorous where not one person has to lift a finger! There’s something for everyone. 

If you’re wondering what are some unique things to have at a wedding, we’ll guide you through personalised party favours, twists on traditions and take-home treats that will leave your guests with lasting memories!

happy wedding dancing to singing waiter

What are quirky wedding invitation ideas?

Your save-the-date cards and invitations are the first interaction your guests will have with the big day. When that date is finally locked in, sealing your RSVPs will make it finally feel real and it’s the perfect way to tease your guests about what’s in store at the celebration. 

You can get super creative with handmade cards, ribbon-wrapped scrolls, eVites and more. Here’s just a selection of our unique save-the-date card ideas:

1. Geeky RSVPs

If the happy couple is ready to level up their relationship, ask your guests to save the date with video game inspired electronic wedding invitations. 

2. Royally sealed invites 

Make a twist on traditional letters with a personalised wax seal on your envelope. After all, you are the king and queen for the day!

quirky wedding invites with wax seal

3. Travelling companions union

Seasoned jet-setters are bound to have passports full of stamps. You can create a travelling companion’s invite ready for a new stamp, even hinting toward your honeymoon destination.

4. Magical musical moments

If music venues brought you two together, you can recreate your favourite festival or gig venue ticket as a personal way to invite your guests.

5. Give your guests a sneak peek 

Cake tasting, dress fittings, venue viewing, shoe shopping, suit tailoring, menu planning. Take polaroids during your wedding planning process and handwrite your invites on the back to bring your guests behind the scenes.

6. Tie your flags together

If your matrimony brings together two nationalities or more, pay homage to your home countries by combining flags, motifs and languages on your wedding invitation.

Diverse wedding invitation idea.

7. Go au natural 

Looking for a natural way to give back? Write your wedding invites on flower seed paper so your guests can bloom something beautiful to remember the day by.

8. Don’t worry, be hoppy!

Real ale lovers will love this one, print the date on a personalised beer coaster to share your mutual interests uniquely.

9. Make it practical

Print your wedding invitations on magnetic paper so there’s no way they can fall from their place on the fridge!

10. Sealed with a kiss

If your relationship has seen many trips, why not handwrite your wedding invitations on personalised postcards reminiscent of your favourite stays?

Postcard style quirky wedding invite.

Now that your guests have an idea of what to expect on the special day, it’s time to start focusing on the smaller details. Whether it’s seating signage, gift stands and guestbooks, or tantalising treats, your guests will notice the finer details that make your wedding day unique to you! 

How can I make my wedding more fun? 

There are three main areas your wedding guests need to know on your wedding day: the bar (for their favourite tipple), the toilets (for when the seal is broken) and the outside area (for when they need a breather from dancing their socks off!). 

But wedding signs pointing to these locations don’t need to be dull. Some of our quirky wedding ideas can make monotonous moments a little more interesting.

Moving from space to space, sitting with new people, and opting for a drink at the bar are all areas that often get overlooked. Here are some quirky wedding ideas to make these transitional moments more memorable. 

11. Are you ready to jet, set, go… 

To your honeymoon destination? Share your travelling adventures on a map with polaroids of past trips and reveal where your next destination will be! 

Map seating plan for travel inspired wedding

12. Seating charts don’t have to be boring 

Use a mirror and chalk pen to handwrite your plan and offer your guests a candid place to take a selfie.

13. Break the awkward silences

Your wedding day might be the first time your extended family members meet. But it doesn’t have to be awkward! Use small moments to bring them together. Offer them get-to-know-cues, funny asking-for-advice forms, or ‘my favourite memory’ cards. 

14. Create quest markers 

Help your guests complete side missions and offer a curated experience by incorporating your favourite video games into a cocktail menu unique to you! Showcase your interests with Pac-Man Punch or Nuka-Cola Iced Tea.

Video Game Themed Wedding Table Setting Achievement unlocked

15. When two become one

Symbolise the unity of your wedding ceremony with a circular seat setting, with a plinth in the middle so that your entire party can see the exchange of vows equally. This setup is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

16. Are you both bookish? 

Stack your favourite novels and wrap them with parcel string, coupled with your favourite quotes for a fun idea to showcase your shared love for words.

17. Wordy nerds

Similarly, wordy brides and grooms might opt for scrabble letters for place settings, and matched with scrabble letter cufflinks or earrings of your new initials!

18. For the green-fingered

Looking for a natural wedding theme, decorate your tables with small potted plants, especially aromatic herbs for a perfectly perfumed way to set the table. 

19. Super succulents

Using sedums and succulents also means your centrepiece is sustainable, as these can be taken home to live longer than with regular flower settings. 

20. Winter wonderland

You can use tiered cake stands filled with baubles and pinecones, or other seasonal momentums for another sustainable alternative to fresh flower bouquets.

Pinecone quirky wedding favour

What are some wedding entertainment ideas?

Now that you’ve found intimate ways to share your loving celebration with your new extended family, you’ll want to think about those lasting memories. From surprising entertainment to unforgettable wedding ceremony moments. We’ve got some unique wedding ideas to keep your guests guessing.

No one is forgetting grandma leading a conga line, or aunties assuming dinner lady roles at the evening buffet. So the evening entertainment and refreshments are the best times to go big or go home!

21. A grand entrance

Entertainment doesn’t have to wait until after dinner. If you’re looking to wow your guests upon arrival, why not hire a string quartet to greet your guests.

22. Surprise your guests with secret singing waiters

From canapés to the wedding breakfast, our secret service singers will get to know your guests before suddenly surprising them with your favourite songs! We have a wide range of singers up and down the country, talented in what they do, and can sing songs tailored to you.

We’ll go incognito throughout the day so your guests won’t have a clue… 

Then, when the time is right, we’ll start our silver service show! It’s an unforgettable way to get everyone up on the dance floor, singing and smiling, all before the dessert is even over. Book our silver service singers today!

Click here to watch more videos of our amazing silver service singers doing what they do best! And don’t forget, it’s your day so you can make it completely tailored to you.

23. A twist on traditional ceremonies

Treat your guests with a ring-warming wedding ceremony, where each guest has a chance to bless your wedding rings before the exchange.

24. Picture perfect wedding

Hire a live wedding painter to encapsulate your special day. Watch as your picturesque venue comes to life with flowers, guests and the happy couple.

25. Lovely bubbly 

Why not have your friends and family blow bubbles from bubble guns and bottles as a quirky twist on traditional confetti celebrations. 

bubble confetti wedding

26. Jazz it up

When the party needs a little push to get on the dance floor, why not bring out a solo saxophonist who can weave throughout your guests and get them grooving in no time.

27. Dazzle your wedding party 

With a sparkling show of fire dancers, fire breathers or a firework display to spread the entertainment across the wedding venue and the night.

28. Fun for all

If there are a lot of children in your wedding party, make sure to have some entertainment for them. Hiring a glitter and face painting artist can be fun for both children and grown-up kids! 

29. For the gamers

For the video game wedding theme, why not set up a gaming station for children and adults alike to fight their favourite characters or race along Rainbow Road.

30. Never miss a moment

Another way to keep the entertainment flowing is to hire a roaming band, who can take requests and wow your guests across the wedding venue instead of staying in one place.

Wedding guests dance on the wedding dance floor

How to personalise my wedding favours?

You’ll want to make your special day a celebration of both your personalities. A perfect way to encapsulate your combined interests, shared relationship and future you’ll have entwined is with unique wedding favours. 

Why not create a personalised gift for your guests to take home. From wildflower planters to edible treats, we’ve got some quirky wedding favour ideas to make your wedding day unique!

31. Flower power

Similar to the sustainable table settings ideas, you can offer cacti or succulents to your wedding guests so they can have a live and lasting memory of the special day. Or, maybe some bulbs they can plant in their own gardens.

Daffodil bulb wedding setting

32. Personalised sweet treats

A tasteful way to celebrate your union, choose from marshmallows with printed photos, to your very own rock with the wedding date and names running through.

33. Your next destination

Another tasty treat can nod toward your honeymoon destination, miniature wine bottles with the french region you’re headed to. Or, a small bottle of greek olive oil wrapped with a personalised label with your wedding date.

34. Summer wedding vibes

Is yours an outdoor wedding, or maybe a destination wedding? Engraving your names on handheld fans can give your wedding favours purpose as well as a memento of the day. 

35. Condiments you’ll love

You can spread the love with your own jam or local honey for the couple who are ‘meant to bee’.

Homemade wedding honey pot, quirky wedding idea

36. Pop it off!

Another present with added purpose is personalised bottle openers, not only practical on the day, but forever more as a reminder of the magical day.

37. Crafty ideas

For the little ones, wedding-themed colouring packs can keep them entertained throughout the speeches and offer a lasting reminder of the special milestone.

38. Poker face

For the grown-up kids, create tailored packs of cards for a fun tabletop game and practical gift to take home and use again and again.

39. Nature’s finest

Natural gifts are a quirky way to thank your guests, from engraved wooden coasters to wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces that all slot in together.

Natural leaf wedding favour setting

40. And for those who love their tipple 

Hangover kits! Berocca, sunglasses, earplugs, paracetamol and mini water bottles bundled up in a drawstring bag will offer laughter and something to remember!

The Finishing Touches

So you’ve tied the knot, danced with singing waiters and stuffed your face at the evening taco buffet. But we’ve still got some unique wedding ideas to make your special day unforgettable. 

41. Ditch the traditional

Swap out a regular photographer for polaroid or disposable cameras that your guests can use to capture candid moments throughout.

Wedding day polaroid wall

42. Everyone loves a photo booth 

But you can make it personal to you with props that symbolise moments in your relationships, or the destinations you love.

43. Coffee lovers will thank you

No doubt a personal barista can whip up your favourite speciality coffee, keep the grandparents going, and spice up the bar menu with espresso martinis and caffeine-inspired cocktails.

44. Creative cocktails

Come up with your very own cocktail, a mixture of your favourite flavours to highlight the sweet romance you both share! 

45. Cracking wedding favour idea

For a winter wedding, a fun way to offer your wedding favours is inside your very own Christmas crackers.

Bride christmas wedding table setting

46. Dog friendly, always

Bring the pooch along as your ring bearer or flower girl to include the whole family.

47. Get stuck in!

Set up interactive food stalls like build your own taco, sweetie pick n mix or boozy smoothies!

48. Quintessential, darling

For a proper English treat, create a personalised afternoon tea for your wedding breakfast or tiered cupcakes as an alternate wedding cake.

49. Add a personal touch

Perforate each page of your guestbook so your guests can take a handwritten thank-you home with them, signed by the bride and groom.

50. Dazzling finish

When you’re ready to head to the hotel, have your guests give you a dazzling sparkler send-off!

Married couple have dazzling sparkler send off

Unique wedding ideas for unique people 

If these quirky ideas for a unique wedding aren’t enough, it’s time to put your heads together and think about what makes your relationship special. From small moments like your favourite binge-worthy show, or sentimental throwbacks like your first date. 

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be boring! Create a mind map of all the special times you’ve spent together, and invent some quirky ways you can share these memories with your soon-to-be extended family.

Love heart shaped book pages with wedding bands inside

No two people are the same, and no two relationships are either. Your wedding should be a celebration of what makes you two… you, what brings you together and the memories you’re yet to share. 

A wedding cake reminiscent of your romance, cracking laughter with singing waiters or memorable mementoes for your wedding guests to take home. Get as creative as possible, and remember, even the littlest things can make a massive impact on the memories made on your special day.  

If you’re looking to book our award-winning silver service, fill in our form to receive a quote. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, so we can start tailoring a unique wedding day experience for you and your loved one!

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