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Drone Wedding Videography

Wedding venue drone videography

Drone wedding videography offers wedding couples the opportunity to augment their on-foot footage with spectacular panoramic views of their wedding venue, helping to set the scene in their wedding videos and add a real sense of scale.

Drone technology has revolutionised the wedding videography business, with one or two-man teams now having access to the swooping pans and cinematic angles that would have previously required prohibitively expensive machinery and equipment.

Take a look at the drone wedding video footage we’ve captured at previous clients’ weddings and get all the answers to your questions about drone videography.

CAA accredited

We are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly unmanned aerial vehicles as we have the PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) accreditation.

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Drone Wedding Videography FAQs

What is a drone?

A drone is a compact unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a pilot on the ground. High-definition cameras are either built-in or attached to the drone, so the pilot can fly the drone and capture footage of your wedding at the same time. Drones are becoming an essential tool for wedding videographers seeking to create truly cinematic shot moments.

How do you film a wedding with a drone?

Filming a wedding with a drone requires planning and discussion with the photographer and couple. Understanding the plan for your special day and flow of events can help the drone videographer to schedule when and where to fly so that the best shots can be captured for the final film. Usually, the wedding drone will be flown at a safe height above guests’ heads, so that it does not intrude on the day, but still captures the best footage.

Can you use a drone to film a wedding ceremony?

Drones aren’t typically used to film a wedding ceremony, as the aerial nature of the photography does not produce the kind of footage that is typically desired from ceremony footage. Couples usually prefer to have ground shot footage of their ceremony, as this gives better close-ups of them as they make their vows. Whilst most drones are not loud when in operation, they may still be a distraction during the quieter moments of your ceremony.

When is drone videography best used during a wedding day?

Drones are best used at a few key moments during the day. You may find your wedding videographer opts for an early start and arrives at the venue before the guests or couple have even arrived. These couple of hours before people start arriving offer a perfect opportunity to capture establishing shots of your venue, without the worry of disturbing guests.

The next best opportunity to capture drone videography is right after the wedding ceremony, during the drinks reception. Depending on the type of venue that you’ve opted for, your videographer may choose this time to capture some great overhead shots of guests pouring out of the venue. Spirits are usually at their highest at this point, so you and your guests will likely be too overjoyed to notice the drone hovering overhead. 

Drones can also be used to get some amazing cinematic landscape shots of the couple during the organised photoshoot. If your wedding is in a rural location then you may have the opportunity to take advantage of the local landscape. Drones can capture some truly epic shots of landscapes that can’t be matched with on-foot photography. If you’re taking any photos of the entire wedding party, then a drone can also be useful to easily capture an overhead shot of everyone at the wedding.

How high and how far are you allowed to fly drones at a wedding?

Legally, a drone must always be within the line of sight of the drone pilot and no further than 500 metres away from the pilot horizontally. According to regulations set out by the Civil Aviation Authority, the drone must not exceed 400ft or 120m high, as flying any higher would enter airspace and could risk colliding with manned aircraft.

Are drones big or noisy?

The largest of professional drones most commonly used for wedding videography can weigh up to 10kg and can emit 80db of noise – equivalent to the sound of the average vacuum cleaner. As wedding drones have a limited flight time of 30 minutes at most, the sound and sight of one flying above the wedding do not make for a distracting interference.

How long can drones be used to film weddings?

Most drones can only be used for 25-30 minutes on a single charge. This might not sound like a long time, however, drone wedding footage is mostly intended to supplement your wedding videography footage, as opposed to being the primary content. Half an hour is usually enough time for the drone pilot to capture establishing shots of the wedding venue, shadow the main videographer at key moments and get shots of the entire wedding party entering a wedding venue.

Are drones legal to use for weddings?

Drones are legal to fly in most places, however, it’s worth enquiring with your wedding venue beforehand to ensure that this is certainly the case. Exceptions to this rule are wedding venues situated close to airports or military bases. Wedding drone pilots must also have the correct credentials to fly their aircraft.

Do you need permission to use a drone filming a wedding?

Your wedding drone pilot will need permission from the venue before flying over your wedding. As drone videography has become more commonplace at weddings, wedding venues have developed policies regarding their use. Talk to your wedding venue before hiring a drone wedding videographer to make sure that the pilot will have permission to fly. In many cases, you’ll find that the wedding venue has dealt with them beforehand and understand their needs.

What wedding venues are best for drone videography?

Drone videography is best suited to wedding venues that feature an outdoor area that offers clear space for a pilot to fly a drone. Rural wedding venues are ideal, as drone pilots have free reign to create commanding fly-over shots that encompass the entire landscape. With that being said, many professional drone pilots can create unique shots whilst flying indoors too.

We’re one of the few wedding videographers in Lancashire, Manchester and Cheshire that offer drone videography, and as such we understand how to get the best shots using this technology, especially when visiting grand country manors and estates.

What happens if the drone can’t fly on your wedding day?

Even the most robust, professional drones can only fly in calm, clear conditions. If your wedding day doesn’t get the weather you were hoping for then your drone pilot may not be able to fly. In this eventuality, most independent drone pilots would refund any deposit that has been paid. If a drone pilot has been included in a larger videography package, then you should expect your final balance to be adjusted to reflect that you didn’t benefit from the drone footage.

What drones are used for wedding videography?

The most popular drones that are currently being used for wedding videography are:

  • DJI Mavic
  • DJI Phantom
  • DJI Inspire 2

Which drone is best for wedding photography?

The DJI Mavic is the smallest of the three that is capable of capturing 4K footage, whilst also being able to fold up to the size of a water bottle. Due to its diminutive size, it’s also much quieter than its larger siblings. It’s capable of flying for 25 minutes on a single charge, enough time to capture establishing shots of your wedding venue and crowd.

The DJI Phantom is larger than the Mavic and, as a result, is twice as loud, producing 76db of noise when up in the air (equivalent to the average sound level of a living room TV). Due to flying in the air, this sound dissipates before reaching the ears of those below. This model requires its own carry case to be transported, making it unwieldy for smaller videography teams.

The DJI Inspire 2 is the largest of three and weighs nearly 10kg in total. This increase in size comes with some benefits though, its camera is far more advanced than its siblings, and it can be controlled up to a maximum distance of 7km. On top of this, it features a 360° rotating gimbal that allows wedding videographers to get every shot that they need.

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Questions To Ask Your Drone Wedding Videographer

Before you settle on a drone wedding videographer you may want to consider asking them these questions, so that you can feel confident in them giving your big day the proper cinematic treatment it deserves.

Who would control the drone at the wedding?

Make sure to confirm who will be flying the drone, as the person you may be talking to might not be the pilot themselves. Drone operators are responsible for the safety of the flight and those nearby the aircraft, so you should ensure that the pilot has the necessary experience to fly safely.

Does the pilot have a CAA license?

Before hiring a drone videographer for your wedding, make sure that they are fully licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Since the 30th November 2019, it is illegal to fly a drone without first registering and passing a theory test.

Does your drone pilot understand the CAA’s Rules and Regulations?

A separate set of regulations and rules apply to commercial businesses using unmanned aircraft, so it’s important to make sure that your drone pilot has the necessary license and knowledge to legally fly during your wedding.

Is your drone videographer properly insured?

Drones are a safe way of capturing impressive video footage of your wedding, but it’s important to still ensure that your videographer has the correct insurance to cover their use of drone equipment at your wedding. Any wedding vendor that you deal with, including your drone videographer, should be covered by some form of public liability insurance.

Have you allowed time to capture the event using the drone and planned when it flies?

You should work with your drone videographer to plan when and where they will fly, and what moments they will capture. Flight time is limited with drones, so you should make the most of it by highlighting the best opportunities for the videographer to use it. For example, one good opportunity is to capture the moment between the ceremony and the reception, whilst spirits are high and confetti is flying.

Will you include a cinematic fly-over?

A cinematic fly-over is a perfect addition to your wedding videography film, offering an impressive panoramic sweep of your wedding venue, as well as your guests enjoying themselves. These are the kinds of shots that can only be captured through the use of a drone and help to heighten the sense of grandeur and occasion.

Will the drones augment and not interfere with the wedding?

Make sure that your drone wedding videographer understands that the drone should be used to augment your wedding footage and not interfere with you and your guests. Whilst modern drones don’t make a huge amount of noise (80db at their loudest – similar to a ringing telephone), they should still be used sparingly and should never detract from yours or your guests’ enjoyment of the day.

Will the drone video footage be high quality?

You should enquire what equipment your wedding drone operator will be using and make sure that the footage you’ll be receiving will be of high quality. Professional drone videographers should use high-end drones, fitted with cameras that can capture high definition footage that should blend seamlessly with the on-foot footage in the final edit. Beginner pilots may only have access to lower-grade equipment which will lack the crisp fidelity of professional footage.

Cost of Hiring a Wedding Drone Videographer

The cost of hiring a wedding drone videographer can vary depending on a number of factors. Hiring an independent drone videographer, separate to your on-foot videographer and photographer, could be more expensive as you are paying for an extra person’s travel expenses and editing time.

Factors that could impact the cost of hiring a wedding drone videographer includes:

  • Type of drone used
  • Time of year
  • Number of drones used
  • Flight time/filming time
  • Number of drone operators
  • Experience of the crew
  • Location/travel expenses
  • Editing time

An independent drone filmmaker could choose to charge a flat fee, based on the length of video that they are capturing, or may even charge a per hour rate. Consult with your drone cinematographer beforehand to understand what you are paying for and how the footage will be supplied to you after the big day. It’s also a good idea to show them around the wedding venue so that both parties can decide upon the best flight plan for the day.

What should I expect to pay for a wedding drone videographer?

Wedding drone videographers can charge up to £1000 for their services, which includes editing your aerial videography. Not every couple will have budgeted for this expense, which is why it can be more affordable to add drone videography to a pre-existing videography package, instead of hiring an independent pilot. Having both the on-foot and aerial videography managed by the same team means that shots can be coordinated and edited together to provide the most complete, cohesive wedding film possible.

Drone Wedding Videography Price List

We only include a fully licensed drone pilot in our Platinum package. This drone pilot can also act as a second videographer when the drone isn’t airborne, so you can benefit throughout the day from the extra investment.

  • Gold

    • Bridal Preparation
    • Guest Arrival
    • Full Ceremony Coverage
    • Drinks Reception
    • Photographer Shadow
    • Speeches
    • First Dance
    • HD Digital Copy
    • Short Highlight Video
    • Full Wedding Video
    • 5 Personalised Copies of DVD
    • 4 Week Completion Guaranteed
    • Fireworks/Sparklers Filmed
    • Evening Band/Singers Footage
  • Platinum

    • Bridal Preparation
    • Guest Arrival
    • Full Ceremony Coverage
    • Drinks Reception
    • Photographer Shadow
    • Speeches
    • First Dance
    • HD Digital Copy
    • Short Highlight Video
    • Full Wedding Video
    • 5 Personalised Copies of DVD
    • 4 Week Completion Guaranteed
    • Fireworks/Sparklers Filmed
    • Evening Band/Singers Footage
    • Fully Licensed Drone Pilot
    • Second Videographer