Top 10 tips on keeping us a secret until the big day

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Top 10 tips on keeping us a secret until the big day

By: Dan Bartell ()
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How do you keep the singing waiters a secret until the big day? Follow these ten simple tips to shock everyone into a dance!

After you have booked the Silver Service Singing Waiters for your wedding, celebratory occasion or event. There are ten vital steps you can follow to keep our surprise singers a complete secret and increase the level of shock for your fellow party goers. Our ultimate goal is to get everyone celebrating your day in style and following these simple steps ALWAYS works.

1) We are secret singers – Keep it that way! 

Our singing waiters operate undercover by getting to know everyone personally before starting the ultimate surprise party. The more people you tell, the more chance of ruining the surprise for everyone through people letting it slip! Keep it to yourself and it nobody will suspect a thing, right up until the perfect moment. 

2) Have a fake alternative answer prepared

This will help you and the singing waiters slip through the net of any nosey family or friends out there that want to know everything about everything. Everyone loves and expects entertainment, so have fake answers prepared for any of those who want to ask questions about the day’s activities to avoid interrogation.

3) Use a friend or family for payment

This is particularly relevant to those out there with a shared bank account looking to book our secret singers for a wedding or special occasion. To pay for the singing waiters without any suspicion, use a family or friends bank account to pay for our services so there is no evidence to your loved ones. 

4) Only speak with us over the phone or online 

Those of you who are booking the singing waiters for their bride, groom or partner should consider being sneaky in terms of contacting us. Phone calls on your terms are the perfect solution for ensuring all details are covered without the potential of ruining the surprise. We will never send out post or any other form of communication that could lead you to getting caught out. The choice is yours. 

5) Be careful what you share and browse across on social media

We obviously want as many likes and follows across social media as possible, but if you’re considering using our secret waiters we recommend you do any online liking after the party. A well timed like of event/wedding performers might raise eyebrows amongst those you are close to and give it away…. So be aware of this prior to booking, particularly if you have a nosey social circle!

6) Use incognito tabs or remove internet history 

The same applies to browsing online, if you can protect where you have been visiting on the web, do it! You never know if your important person could stumble across your history, and if they did so, they might not even tell you. To prevent this, be extra cautious of your digital footprint and ensure the singing waiters fully surprise every attendant of the event, giving the best possible reaction on your big day.

7) If you need to research potential songs, do it sneakily!

You always have full control of the songs that you want the secret singers to perform. Although many of you may have songs in mind instantly, some of you might need to research potential songs to fit the bill. Our advice is to do this in a manner that isn’t intrusive and avoids raising eyebrows. For example, paying attention to songs that are played in the car regularly,  looking at your partner’s playlists or dropping in a sly question. 

8) Don’t give anything away on the day

After holding back telling your loved ones about the secret singers for a long period of time, PLEASE don’t do so out of impulse after a few drinks on the celebratory day! If you need to tell someone, tell yourself in the mirror…. That or an inanimate object. 

9) Trust us to do all the hard work, sit back and relax!

Choose us and keep your stress levels at a low. Arranging events and weddings is often very stressful and we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure this journey is as harmonious as possible. That’s why we take care of everything, from liaising with the venue for the surprise singers to fit perfectly into the day’s plan. You won’t see it coming! 

10) Act surprised!

If you successfully follow all of the simple steps above, our surprise singers will have the whole party shocked, dancing and blown away. Waiters one second, mic in hand the next, stick to these tips and only you will know! 

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