Songs of the Summer

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Songs of the Summer

By: Dan Bartell ()
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Our Top Summer 2019 Songs for Weddings & Events

As the summer of 2019 has ended and the family BBQ’s and paddling pools are now disregarded back to the garden shed – we are reflecting on a magical and memorable summer where we’ve thrown some mesmerizing parties to match! 

We hope you had a great time because we certainly did! But now the colder nights have arrived.. *sigh :(*

Luckily… we have an idea!…. Let’s relive the sunny summer months by throwing it back to when we were blessed with sizzling hot days and swanky summer songs. Sound good?

After a quick debate with our singing waiters, we have narrowed down four summer songs that best represent Silver Service Singers in 2019. These are the on-demand dancefloor fillers that we’ve been regularly asked to perform across the UK. 

PS… if you’re looking for summer songs released in 2019… you won’t find them here #TeamClassics! 

Tina Turner – Proud Mary

And we’re rolling, rolling, rolling on the river! 

Even if you didn’t recognise the song title, you know the lyrics…. don’t you?! Did you know the first version of ‘Proud Mary’ was actually released by Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1969? 

Tina transformed the track in 1971 and fair play to her… you know it’s a serious classic when drunken folk are still blasting it through the speakers almost half a century later! 

They say patience is a virtue… so be patient for 2 and a half minutes until the trumpets kick in! This one is sure to get all generations of the family up on their feet. Try it out yourself at your next party! 

Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

Sweeeeeeet Caroline… good times never seemed so good! Hands will definitely be touching hands in the form of a good old fashioned dance. Yet another classic coming your way from the Silver Service Singers. 

As you may well know from our top 5 party songs blog, we are serious fans of the diamond… Neil, Diamond. This song can be heard from miles afar on your typical British summer day… or night… or whenever!

That’s why this song BELONGS in this blog. As we’ve said before… Jimmy’s 50th? This is on the playlist…. Your favourite old school bar? The DJ’s playing it…. Cricket World Cup Final? It’s only the signature track!

Listen here. You know you want to. 

The Killers – Mr Brightside 

Looking beyond the old school classics, time for a new school one! Now this song is so cool…. it’s uncool, has that ever happened before? It just won’t go away. The facts are that this song is STILL in demand, and the facts don’t lie! 

This is one of the first singles The Killers ever wrote and was the focal point of their extremely successful debut album. The tune takes 12th place for ‘The UK’s most downloaded rock tracks of all time’. It’s that good it has two music videos.

With lyrics such as ‘How did it end up like this? It was only a kiss…’ would you think this would be a popular request for weddings?…. it is! This is a common song for our singing waiters to perform, no matter the event. Keep your ears wide open for future summer parties, you’re sure to hear this one. Check it out here

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

Nothin’ I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance! This one’s been a favourite amongst our singing waiters since the big release in Summer 2016! 

Just like the Silver Service Singers, this is perfect for any event. No matter the occasion, people are singing along, and that’s what we’re all about! Nothing but feel-good vibes from this track… For us and you! 

Everyone loves Justin Timberlake, ever since ‘like I love you’ blew the charts away in 2002. Justin pops very recognisable dance moves, I’m sure you’ll have witnessed them on the classic music channels. We’re not sure what’s better, Justin’s moves himself, or drunken fellas at the events we perform at replicating them with their own twist!


Have we performed at your event? Did we miss out your favourite track or summer wedding song? Then let us know! This was a simple taste of summer as a singing waiter, so if you’re loving these tracks… you’ll love us! For the ultimate surprise party with an electric atmosphere and classics to match, you’re in the right place. Enquire today to tailor your surprise!

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