Picking the Perfect Food for Your Occasion

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Picking the Perfect Food for Your Occasion

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Now here is one of those topics where the bride and groom can really make their day their own. There are so many avenues to choose from when it comes to deciding on what food and drink will really shine for you on your wedding day; 3 course meals, buffets, afternoon tea & BBQ’s to name few. One way most people decide this is “what will make our guests happy?”

Of course, you want everyone there to be happy and appreciate the food but – don’t forget – this is your day. Everyone is there to celebrate your union so why not make it personal to yourselves?
One of the first things to think of are arrival drinks and canapes. You can go traditional with bubbles and beer or shake it up a little and ask for cocktails. Mojito’s, margarita’s, bellini’s are some great ideas for a hot summer’s day wedding. Don’t forget to include mocktails for people who don’t want to drink. Mulled wine and Baileys hot chocolate are something warming for those Winter wonderland weddings. Have fun with this – the drinks reception can be quite short but it will keep people entertained while photos are being taken.

Canapes are a good idea here as people may be a little peckish after the ceremony. A few weddings that I have been to, have had the starter organised as canapes. It means the guests aren’t starving when they sit down and then you can go straight into mains or even have the speeches, saving those nervous people the uncomfortable wait through the meal.

Now the main meal. We honestly believe that this is completely down to your personal preference. If you go for a sit-down meal always try to get dietary requirements i.e. gluten free, lactose free, vegan. This will really help the chefs and wait staff better cater for those guests. Other options are the hot buffet, BBQ buffet or hog roast which means people can look after themselves. Great idea if you want to make it less formal.

Afternoon tea is a fun option as people can feel relaxed while dining and not feel that they have to eat a pound of meat as not to be rude for not finishing. Fish and chips, pizza, pie and chips or toad-in-the-hole are some less formal options that are guaranteed to fill your guests up. Our personal preference is rack of lamb or pork belly – but that’s just us!

Desserts are a little bit trickier. By this time most people are full so they often get left. You can use your wedding cake here or go for a dessert made by the chefs. Parfait, cheesecake, panna cotta or ice cream sundaes all are great choices. Something light and easy to make sure people don’t get bloated. Some brides and grooms we know went for a literal ‘cheese’ cake. Each tier of their cake was a different cheese.

Other options to let people sort themselves out are candy carts or crepe stations. This way they can choose what they want, when they want it and bring a different twist on your day. We can actually do both and incorporate the singing waiters show in to a special twist on what we do. Crispy Crepe know to create mouth watering delicious treats for all ages.

The after effect of all this food does usually make your guests go into a little food coma so what better way is there to wake them up then your very own Silver Service Singers. We know it’s cheeky to drop that in but we wouldn’t be much of a singing waiter if we didn’t.

We hope this helps because whatever you decide to do, you should make it personal. This is such a special day so make it one that cannot be forgotten. Well, not without the help of copious amounts of alcohol although we can jog memories with conga pictures and napkin swinging videos!

Speaking of videos, why not check out our videos page to see the singing waiter surprise in action!

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