Do You Need Wedding Videography?

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Do You Need Wedding Videography?

By: Dan Bartell ()
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Before you answer the question “Do I need wedding videography?”, you have to remember that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and that of your partners.

There are special memories happening all throughout the day that you might not even see yourself.  For example, as a bride you might miss the arrival of your groom and his groomsmen.  A groom won’t see his bride excitedly getting ready with her bridesmaids.  Both of you will probably miss the joyful expressions on your family and friends’ faces as you tie the knot.  There are so many moments of the day you won’t remember.  Your day goes by so quickly as if it’s just one big blur.  If you want to completely lose yourself in the thrill of your wedding day safe in the knowledge that those special memories will be preserved forever, then you will need wedding videography.

You’ve got to ask yourself if you’ll remember the hilarious jokes from the best man’s speech in ten years’ time?  Will you recall those dance moves you shared with your auntie and best friend from school?  How about those special words in the father’s speech when he welcomed his new son-in-law’s family into his own?  These special memories are so important to capture that wedding videography is essential!  Having a beautiful wedding film of your day is an amazing keepsake to look back on when you’re older with children and family of your own.  If you could watch your grandparent’s wedding day, would you?

A professionally produced wedding film is undoubtedly the best way of capturing your big day.  Although a photographer can produce beautiful professional pictures, a wedding film can tell a story in ways that photography alone cannot.  As a bride, you’ll get to relive that once-in-a-lifetime moment you walked down the aisle.  Picture this – your beautiful music begins as your bridesmaids walk ahead of you.  You hear a shuffle as your guests stand up for you.  Cameras flash and candles flicker as you excitedly step towards your new husband.  There may even be the gentle whimper of happy tears from your family sat up front.  Wedding videography perfectly captures the nuances of movement and sound from these special moments in a way your wedding photography cannot.

Sold? We definitely think it’s a worthwhile investment!

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