Should You Hire the LOVE Letters?

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Should You Hire the LOVE Letters?

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Why not hire our handmade, stunning, bright LOVE letters to really complete your wedding decor?

They really stand out, adding a romantic glow to your evening by making the room light up. Also, you can’t miss them! Place near the entrance so it’s the first thing your guests are greeted with on arrival. Best of all, they will look eye-catching in the background of your wedding pictures!

Our LOVE letters will look perfect in your stunning venue. Weddings are a time where family and friends come together to celebrate a marriage. The amount of love in the room is overwhelming therefore our LOVE letters make it that little bit more special.

They’re something big, bright and beautiful that your guests may have never seen before. They make a great focal point and you will notice that your guests are will take photos next to them.

Check out our blog post on wedding extras for more advice on choosing those extra special touches for your wedding!

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