Deciding the Best Season to Get Married In

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Deciding the Best Season to Get Married In

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If you’re asking yourself should you get married in summer, autumn or winter then take a look at some points to help you out with your decision!

Get Married in Summer

If you get married in summer chances are the sun will shine you’ll have the option to marry outdoors! You’re not restricted to an expensive beach wedding theme either. For instance, you could have a wonderful festival themed wedding. Why not marry in a park, garden or historic venue? Summer is the most popular time of the year to get married and your guests will love it! It doesn’t matter how hot it gets during the daytime as long as you choose an air-conditioned venue. Thinking of summer evokes images of slushy cocktails, sunset views and floral rooftop patios. A gorgeous season for a wedding!

On the flip-side, summer is the peak season to marry in. As a result, many venues across the country have peak season surcharges. Therefore, this is definitely something to take into consideration. If the venue you really want is working out too expensive, is it worth considering a different season?

How About Autumn?

Autumn is such a romantic season to get married in! The leaves are turning red, orange and gold with a refreshing breeze in the air. If you have your ceremony or reception outdoors, with a few heat lamps and jackets, your guests will have a ball! Most of all, no other season does colour quite like Autumn. Let nature inspire your wedding; incorporate those red & orange hues into your wedding flowers or cake decorations for a real seasonal twist.

Don’t Forget Winter

Winter weddings are beautiful and as magical as you make it. With a bit of spirit in the room, you can have the most joyful weddings. Christmas is a fun, relaxed and exciting time of the year for everyone. Having a Christmas themed wedding would look amazing! Imagine your wedding pictures with a beautiful crisp & snowy background. Christmas & New Year time also has the added benefit of being easier to attend for your guests. Chances are they’re likely to already have time off work. This means that you’re not limited to a weekend wedding & can have all your friends & family under one roof whatever day! As with summer weddings, the price will have an influence. Always check with your venue as there may be surcharges for booking on or around Christmas & New Year.

No matter the season, your wedding day will be special, unique and unforgettable. A top tip would be to plan early to avoid stress! Your day will be as perfect as you make it. Get loved ones in attendance with champagne flowing, therefore, you can celebrate with a bang no matter the season!

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