How to Choose the Best Wedding Entertainment

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Entertainment

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When deciding what kind of wedding entertainment to choose for your big day, it is important to know what you want first. Do you want a fun filled day where everyone is up dancing? How about a performance that your guests will talk about forever? Or maybe you want a more formal and elegant day?

For many of the brides we speak to, it’s all about having something memorable, unique and fun that will make their day the best it can be for everyone involved! Below are just a few ideas which we think will add some wow factor to your special day:

Singing Waiters

We may be a little biased but singing waiters can definitely bring a huge amount of fun to your day! We surprise your guests during the stage of the day when they’d be sat around waiting for the evening party to start!  Plus, you even get to choose the songs with us, so you will have all those special songs that get you going too. Whether you are surprising the happy couple, the wedding guests or your new husband or wife, our singing waiters will ensure that everyone has a day to remember!

Bucking Bronco

How many weddings have you been to with photo booths, candy carts and garden games? All fun and lovely but come on, it is time to get some proper photos! Imagine in your hallway in years to come looking at the photo of your mum or – even better – your mother-in-law on the bucking bronco at your wedding. What a memory to relive for years to come!


There are some awesome ways that companies bring mixology to your wedding day. You can have a VW camper-van cocktail bar or a neon bar with Tom Cruise’s ‘Cocktail’ styled flaring.  Or even a farmyard inspired wooden bar with hay bales dotted around will do. Everyone loves a drink at a wedding, so why not make it an experience?

There are so many ways that wedding entertainment can make your day memorable, unique and fun.  Although we work desperately hard to create memories by giving a unique experience, it is important that you have fun. So think outside the box, take a risk and enjoy yourselves. Choose the wedding entertainment that you want, not the entertainment you think would keep your long lost auntie happy!

Head on over to our singing waiter videos page to see more examples of our surprise entertainment! If you would like the silver service singers to raise the roof at your party, simply get in touch.

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