Our Top 5 Party Songs

Our Top 5 party singalongs!

Let’s put this into perspective… picture this, you’re at a party enjoying a drink or five… what is the one thing that will make you get up and start having a good old boogy? You got it… the perfect party sing along songs!

Here are the ultimate top five 5 party singalongs that you cannot help but have a sing and dance to… and trust me, we’ve tried! In no particular order, we have five classic party songs that will be sure to cause serious movement on the dance floor.

1. Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling

Ohhhhh what a feeling, when we’re dancing on the ceiling…. If you don’t know this one, then let’s face it… you haven’t lived! This track will be sure to have all generations in the family dancing, some maybe not on the ceiling, but still dancing nonetheless.

Lionel Richie is one of the best selling artists of all time with a whopping 100 million records sold across the globe. With atmosphere kings like this, it’s easy to understand why! This party song is a complete yes from us.

You want to listen… don’t you? Watch the official music video here.

2. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

To-nighhhht…. I’m gonna’ have myself a real good time! Let’s face it, you will be sure to be burning through the sky with this one,  you won’t want to stop at all!

With arguably the greatest frontman, in fact… let’s start again, with THE greatest frontman of all time smashing out the vocals, what can go wrong? You can’t have a singalong party playlist without any Queen songs… surely this is illegal?

The man in question is obviously the one and only Freddie Mercury, and Queen are the biggest stadium rock band to ever exist. Their place in rock ‘n’ roll history has been well and truly cemented. Literally. Check out why here

3. Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire

Not a fan of the old school classics? Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered with a new school classic! This was the track that really put Kings of Leon on the map, and it’s easy to understand why. From the first stroke of the guitar, everyone knows the song. Could this be the king of modern rock singalongs?

Youuuuuuuuuu…. Your sex is on fire! You even read those lyrics in lead singer Caleb’s voice didn’t you? Try it out on the speakers at your next party and watch everyone in the room belt it out – young or old! Better yet, book the singing waiters today to come out with a surprise entertainment set and smash it for you. Your guests will be gobsmacked!

Have we made you want to listen? Click here if you do

4.Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

Did you know Bryan Adams got his first real six string from the five and dime? Of course you did… he played it until his fingers bled! The Canadian born rocker released multiple chart topping hits, but is this his best?

Brian told The Telegraph, ‘when people are singing your songs back to you, that’s the biggest payback you could have as a songwriter’ – No wonder he makes our list of top 5 party singalongs…. He was made for it! Nothing quite gets the party started like a classic, and the ‘Summer Of 69’ has classic written all over it.

Fancy a quick singalong? Click here.

5. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

SWEET CAROLINE…. BUM BUM BUM. We started with the classics, and that is how we’ll end! Nothing quite gets folk singing like a blast from the past.

With this track, good times will never seem so good! It may not be the most upbeat track in the world… but if you’re British and this comes on, let’s put it this way, you’re singing to it…. like it or not!

This song is heard at parties and events across the entirety of the UK. From Jimmy’s 50th at the local rugby club to Cheltenham horse racing festival… you will probably hear this song!

A good old fashioned singalong, being tipsy, and Sweet Caroline are possibly the most British trio to ever exist… does that even make sense when Neil Diamond is from New York? Oh well. Check this classic singalong out here. You know you want to.


That’s our top five party singalongs folks, although it was very hard to restrict the list to 5, we’re sticking to it. If you feel strongly that we’ve missed the ultimate party singalong then we’d love to hear it.

If you want to have a good time then give us a call! You’ll be happy to know we perform all of the above songs on request… plus many more bangers! These party singalongs could get a crowd pumping through an old Nokia 3310, never mind our surprise singing waiters at Silver Service Singers.

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