Our 25 Best Christmas Songs

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Our 25 Best Christmas Songs

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Our 25 Best Christmas Songs

Hello-ho-ho! What’s up folks? During this time of year in the months running up to December, the hugely anticipated festive period is hard to avoid. The weather is getting colder, the mince pies are stocked up on the shelves of supermarkets, and the John Lewis Christmas advert has finally hit our screens…. With the added help of Waitrose this year of course. One could say that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – everywhere you go! You know what this means… It’s time to get jolly!

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than a very merry Christmas playlist with all the best Christmas songs. Here we have 25 timeless Christmas classics for you to play whilst you’re wrapping presents, having a sherry or relaxing with the family. Or, even in November when you’re forcing your friends and family to get as excited as you are. 🤶🏻

In no particular order, here are Silver Service Singer’s best Christmas songs – both new and old. Click on the title if you fancy singing along! 

Best Christmas Playlist 


Christmas may be the only time of year Michael Buble comes out of hibernation, but, we thank him for it! Nothing speaks Christmas quite like a Michael Buble cover. His voice is like wearing a silk dressing gown whilst sipping a rich hot chocolate at the side of a rustic log fire. 🔥


This absolute classic is exactly what it says on the tin. It will have everyone in your house rockin’ around the Christmas tree! Try not to dance too hard because you could melt the chocolate baubles… and we don’t want that. 


Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock! This one comes all the way from 1957….. That’s over 60 Christmas days! Thanks Bobby for making arguably the best Christmas song ever. I wonder how many times this one has been played over all of those festive periods. What’s your guess? 🤷🏽‍♀️


The dedicated parents out there are the kings and queens of sneakiness on Christmas day. Fake snow, half-eaten carrots, mince pies for Rudolph… the list goes on. But kissing Santa Claus? Come on Mrs. Jackson…. That’s too far! 😳


Andy Williams is one of the best to do it…. what a classic Christmas song. Some singers turn to Christmas songs and fail…. Miserably. Not Andy Williams, never Andy Williams. Give this a listen if you too think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. 🎄


He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice… he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice! If your children are still on the naughty list, play this one on repeat. It could work as subliminal persuasion! In the famous words of Bruce himself…… Be good, for goodness sake!


Mariah wrote this one…. Well, she probably didn’t actually. Let’s say Mariah SANG this one.  She sang it for those out there looking for love this Christmas. If you have a crush on someone that is greater than any need for presents, this song is made for you. 🥰


And the bells were ringing out for Christmas day! Try to avoid this one if you’re with the kids that are sensitive to swear words… There are also a couple within the lyrics you wouldn’t want them repeating over Christmas dinner! 


How’s this for a throwback? This is the original Band Aid version with its very own vintage style. You can trust us to make the best music-related decisions for you… it’s what we do.. RIP to the great George Michaels. 


Here’s a consecutive space on the playlist as an extra mark of respect. Watch this music video for a short glimpse into this famous lyrical love story. Could this be the official symbol of Christmas? Let’s face it, you wouldn’t have respected our best Christmas playlist if this wasn’t included.


Is it possible to not sing this song in a strange voice? Seriously? I can’t manage it, neither can anyone else who has tried to recreate this song… including both Madonna and Kylie! Not that we’re complaining. Soft and slow like every Christmas should be. 🎅🏻


As it’s coming up to Christmas, this should be the time of year where we all get along…  even with Canada’s own Justin Bieber! It’s easy to fail miserably when making a Christmas song, and this is a pleasantly surprising track! Well in Justin. Let us know what you think. 🌿


Having this on your best Christmas playlist will make up for it if it doesn’t snow this year. Just a single listen will paint festive pictures in your mind. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe us. Could it be the best version of this famous Christmas song? We think so. ❄️


Although the song remains very similar, the rendition of the video is very much different from the other versions. Bird cages, adventurous costumes and poor CGI make this Christmas song one to remember…. And Tom Jones of course. We’ll leave this one with you. 


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! What Christmas playlist would this be without a touch of Frankie? What better way to sprinkle a little class on your Christmas period. If it’s snowing outside and the fireplace is lit…. This is exactly what you need to complete Christmas. 🌨


Now we don’t want you to have a blue Christmas, but if you do, make it look as cool as Elvis does…. For your own sake! If you’re missing that certain someone, or you’re away from home, this might help….. Yours truly, the king of rock and roll. 🎸


Johnny Mathis and Christmas songs go together like Cheese and Wine. This one comes all the way from 1958! Nineteen… fifty…. Eight! Listening to it, would you be able to tell? I wouldn’t! I wonder how long this will be played for years to come. Maybe forever! 


Well it was always going to be hard to avoid at least one Ronettes song. So here it is… Frosty the Snowman, the most famous snowman of them all. I wonder what he gets up to in the other months…. He’s always around at Christmas but I’ve heard he’s a bit of a melt in the summer. ☃️


You’ll know this one from the very first chord. This has to be up there with the most instantly recognisable Christmas songs of all time? Big shout out to Paul McCartney for this one… The party’s on and the spirit is up. Chin chin! 🍷


Yet another encapsulating story told within a music video. We’re not sure who did the cold Christmas holiday better, Shakin’ Stevens or Wham!? I’d probably sway towards Wham… simply because they were better actors. It’s hard not to be worse than this. Good song though.


Add an old fashioned vintage twist to your Christmas playlist with one of the very best Christmas songs ever! This is the oldest and truest version of the famous ‘White Christmas’, one for the record books! 


Silver Service Singers are firm believers that variety really is the spice of life. So here’s a modern Christmas song to shine uniquely amongst our favourite golden oldies. This one is obviously most fitting for the big party on Christmas eve! 💃🏼


Granted, this is not the most famous Christmas song ever made. But when has popularity ever defined good listening? Exactly! What a beautifully soothing song for your Christmas down time. Check it out and see if you agree. 


Oh I wish it could be Christmas… every day-y-y! You knew those lyrics though, right? If this song had its own scent, it would be fresh tinsel and wrapping paper. As Wizzard state, Let the bells ring out for Christmas!


Believe it or not, this isn’t actually an Elvis impersonation. We saved this emotional song until the end as we know that Christmas isn’t always the perfect time of year for everyone. This is dedicated to those out there that miss the company of that certain someone over Christmas.


Enjoy Our Best Christmas Songs!

Finally… that’s our very best Christmas songs rounded off to a close. Did you agree with our choice of best Christmas songs… Or did we miss out your favourite? Let us know! We hope we gave all of you the ideal inspiration for your favourite Christmas playlist. 

You can listen to all of these Christmas songs on repeat over the festive period to get you right into the spirit. We’re confident there won’t be any skipped tracks! Whether that’s driving home from work ready for the holidays or cooking up the feast on Christmas day, you’ll be sure to make a fantastically festive atmosphere. That’s it from us on this one. From everyone involved at Silver Service Singers, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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